Dear Friends and Neighbors! Dear donors! Dear People of Good Will and Kind Heart!

ART SUPPLY DRIVE for children from Zaporizhzhia

Please bring your new or gently used art supplies to be sent to the art studio students and their teacher in the city of Zaporizhzhia. Deadline: May 10, 2024. If you would like to send a personal note to those children please feel free to include it in your art suppy. THANK YOU!

If you have unneeded drawing pads with stylos or ipads that can be used for drawing, please consider donating them to Sister’s Sister for our “Good Will” packages for young Ukrainian students. THANK YOU!

We express our sincere gratitude to the Skipping Stones Editorial Board and to everyone who made this a reality. Please, visit the Skipping Stones site and second our gratitude to the magazine for providing this important support to Ukrainian children in the time of this brutal war. Thank you!


Zhanna Kaminska proudly stands by the artwork from her native city.
Credit: Svitlana Jones

Artwork created by Ukrainian children and their teacher Nadiya Chepiga from the city of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine were exhibited at the Multicultural Children’s Festival at the State College Area High School organized by the WPSU on April 6, 2024. The city of Zaporizhzhia is under constant enemy shelling but the children’s creativity lives on. Zhanna Kaminska, sister of Nadiya, is a Ukrainian refugee from Zaporizhzhia, who currently calls State College her home, was instrumental in making the exhibition of children’s art a reality.

Parents and children alike enjoyed the exhibit during the festival.
Credit: Svitlana Jones

Children’s art from the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia was exhibited for the benefit concert attendees on March 23, 2024.

Tables covered with traditional Ukrainian woven and embroidered cloths greeted the guests of our benefit concert on March 23, 2024. We thank everyone who attended the concert and showed their support for Ukrainian people at this difficult time.

Thank you all who came to to the concert to support Ukraine on Saturday, March 23, 2024. It was a great concert. The violinist was amazing. The exhibition of posters created by children from Zaporizhzhia, a city under constant enemy bombing, were outstanding. The atmosphere and camaraderie were awesome!

This was further evidence of how skillful and talented Ukrainian people are.  All they need is peace to live on their own land, practicing their own culture and traditions. The enemy wants to annihilate all things Ukrainian, and denies the existence of the nation of Ukraine. Ukrainians continue fighting for their land and their independence. But they cannot do it alone. Please call your elected officials in DC and ask them to vote for supporting Ukraine. Most of the allocated funds will create well-paid jobs in the U.S. And the world will regard the U.S. as the leader of protecting democratic values, and resolving the humanitarian  crisis.

Vasyl Popadiuk among the organizers and the volunteers. Credit: Yuliya Ladygina

Please feel free to spread the news far and wide via social media.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The spring is here, and so is a new benefit concert for Ukraine. Please join us on Saturday 23, 2024 for a benefit concert featuring VASYL POPADIUK, a Ukrainian violinist. Vasyl is known as the “Ukrainian Paganini”. He is a classically trained violinist from Ukraine, who currently lives in Ottawa, Canada. He plays 15 instruments. He is a founder of  the band “PapaDuke”, with whom he travels the world, playing music in world music styles, Latino, gypsy, and jazz. 

The concert will take place on the stage of the Performing Arts Center of the State College Area High School. The entrance to the Arts Center is at the back entrance of the High School.  The suggested price is $10 for an adult, and $5 for a student. Those who would like and are in the position to donate more, can do so before or after the concert. All donations will be used to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including our sister-city of Nizhyn. Donations are accepted by cash, checks (to Sister’s Sister), Zelle or Venmo. 

In this critical time for Ukraine our support is vitally important for the Ukrainian people’s survival. Please bring your family, friends and neighbors to the concert on Saturday, March 23, at 7:00 pm. There are plenty of nice and comfortable seats in this outstanding  auditorium. The seats will be occupied on a “first come, first serve” basis. Sorry,  no food and no drinks are allowed in the Arts Center. Please, use the parking lot by the back entrance (keep right when entering the high school campus,  driving around the school building to the back entrance). 

Photo: Igor Latsanych

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Today, February 24, 2024, we commemorated 2 years of this nightmare. We wanted to thank everybody who was able to join us at the rally. We had a great turn out, very many Ukrainian and American flags, outstanding posters, and heartwarming words from Pastor Hryhoriy, Mayor Ezra Nanes, Councilmember Josh Portney,  Chair of the PSU  Ukrainian Society Igor Latsanych, Prof. Catherine Wanner, Prof. Olena Zolova, and others. We are also grateful to everyone who was thinking about coming but was not able to make it. Your thoughts were with us, as well.

This screenshot is from a video clip by the AP taken on the 2nd day of the war, February 25, 2022. A young girl VLADA hiding from bombs in the basement of an apartment building.
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Pastor Hryhoriy praying for Ukraine.
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Our youngest supporter NAZAR with his parents. Video: Svitlana Jones
Mayor Ezra Nanes addresses the rally participants. Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Photo: Michael Naydan
Photo: Svitlana Jones
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Mayer of State College, Ezra Nanes.
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
Unissued diplomas for Ukrainian students who perished during the full scale invasion of Russia against Ukraine.
Photo: Prof. Michael Naydan
PSU students wave Ukraine and US flags.
Photo: Svitlana Jones

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, the world will witness the beginning of yet another year of the gruesome, ruthless, inhumane war fought by a country in the heart of Europe, Ukraine. This day will start the 3rd year of Russia’s imperialist claims to its neighbor, a sovereign country of Ukraine. The war that was planned to end in 3 days, continues into the 3rd year. Ukrainian brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, parents and grandparents keep on fighting for their freedom, for their survival, and for the future of all democracy. Events this week clearly demonstrate what a Russian victory would bring not just to Ukraine but to the entire world. 

Please join us at 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 24, 2024 in front of the Old Main Building for a rally commemorating the two horrific years of the full-fledged war against Ukraine.

Our sister city of Nizhyn sent us the video about the two grueling years of the full-fledged war. Here is the link:

The documentary SCREAM OF MY BLOOD: A Gogol Bordello Story was viewed at the Phillipsburg Historic Theatre on Saturday, November 4, 2023, organized by the Centre Film Festival (see more here). The movie was about the GOGOL BORDELLO band created in NY by the Ukrainian immigrant Eugene Hutz. Eugene attended the event and performed several of the band’s songs accompanied by his violist Sergey Ryabtsev. Ukrainian food and drinks added a special flavor to the event. The funds raised were donated to the humanitarian assistance organization RAZOM. Thank you all who attended and who made this event possible!

Ukrainian dumplings – varenyky were delicious!
Potato pancakes – deruny were excellent!

***All pictures and videos are provided by the Mayor’s Office of Nizhyn, sister-city of State College.

The Sunflower Gratitude wall is located at 1402 South Atherton Street in State College, PA. It was painted by Ukrainian visitors, local residents of Ukrainian origin and their friends led by Dr. Ludmila Kuzmych. It is dedicated to the 32nd Independence Day of Ukraine.

Please, send us your pictures with the sunflowers wall to show your support for Ukraine.


Our Benefit Concert on June 5, 2023 was a BIG success! Thanks to your generosity we have raised $10,025 for our humanitarian assistance to the sister-city of Nizhyn. And there are still some checks coming in the mail. We’ll keep you updated.

Well done State College!

Max Zorin, violin; Christopher Guzman, piano

Max Zorin, performed “Spanish Dance” by Myroslav Skoryk, the composer he met in person while performing in Odessa at one of the International competitions.

Ruslana Kaminska, mezzo-soprano; Jonah Glunt, piano (credit: Zhanna Kaminska)

Ruslana Kaminska a high-school student from Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, who currently resides in State College with her parents, performed two famous Ukrainian songs “Ballad of the Mallows” (Volodymyr Ivasyuk/Bohdan Gura), and “Paint Me a Night” (Myroslav Skoryk/Mykola Petrenko).

All-Ukrainian team at the All-Ukrainian Music Concert on June 5, 2023

If you were unable to attend the concert but would like to donate money for humanitarian relief for our sister-city of Nizhyn in Ukraine, you can still do it by pressing “Donate Now” button at the bottom of the page. THANK YOU!

All pictures but those specifically credited are by Svitlana B. Jones


We are in the process of making the decision where the money will go. Most likely it will be related to helping children going back to school. We will keep you posted once the details are settled.

The music was beautiful and unique. The musicians were superb. The church was gracious and welcoming. It was a very special night thanks to all who attended the concert, and those who made it possible: Prof. Daryl Durran, Rev. Scott Schul, King Printing, Nina and George Woskob, and all the world class musicians residing in State College, PA.

Allison Brault, soprano, Emily Long, violin, Ruth Stokes, cello, Christopher Guzman, piano & conductor Dennis Glocke perform Postludium DSCH by Valentin Silvestrov
Jonah Glunt performs Three Preludes, Op.4 by Levko Revutsky

PSU pianist Melody Quah beautifully performed Yakiv Stepovy’s “Prelude in Memory of Taras Shevchenko”.

The Winds Octet performs Esquisses champetres (Country Sketches) by Volodymyr Dyck (Credit: Rev. Scott Shul)

The Wind Octet comprised of the Stonebridge Winds – Ashley Shank, flute, Anthony Poehailos, clarinet, Anna Skrupky, horn, Daryl Durran, bassoon, together with Andreas Oeste, oboe, Brandy Davis, clarinet, Sarah Schouten, horn, Matthew So, bassoon, Dennis Glocke, conductor also performed the National Anthem of Ukraine (Mykhailo Verbytsky/Pavlo Chubynsky) to the standing ovation of the entire audience.

Over 300 people attended the All-Ukrainian Music concert to benefit the Ukrainian sister-city of Nizhyn.

Credit: Rev. Scott Schul

…this pact will further contribute to the cause of world peace and to the development of friendly relations between the peoples of the United States and Ukraine and our two cities… (see our Memorandum of Understanding here).