The city of NIZHYN is located in the Chernihiv region, 80 km South of the regional center of Chernihiv, and about 126 km North of the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. It is the county seat, the center of the Nizhyn district (Nizhyns’kyi rayon). It is located on the banks of the river Oster, a tributary of the river Desna. Population about 67,000 (in 2020).


Nizhyn has a very old and rich history. First written mentioning of the city dates back to 1147 (For reference, Moscow was founded in 1147).  At that time, it was part of the Kyiv Rus. In 1239 it was destroyed by Mongols. Then it appears as part of the Lithuanian kingdom. As a result of the Moscow-Lithuanian war in the early 1500s, it becomes a part of the Moscow lands. In the early 1600s, it became a part of the Polish kingdom. In 1648 it was liberated by the Ukrainian Kozaks but not for long. After severe battles between Poland, Crimean Tatars, and Moscow, the city became officially Russian again in 1667. It was located on the crossroad between the Polish kingdom, the Osman Empire, and the Moscow empire. Several uprisings against Moscow took place in the third part of the 17th century, but they were unsuccessful. The city continued to develop as primarily the city of traders. The Greek community was established in the 18th century. Even though the city was formerly a border city of Russian empire, it was ruled by the Ukrainian Kozaks and Kyiv’s governor. However, towards the end of the 18th century the Kozak regimen was liquidated, and the city became a provincial town of the Russian empire. In the early 19th century, it turned into an education center with the opening of the Gymnasium of Higher Sciences.

In 1919 the city became part of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, which turned into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922. In 1932-1933 the city suffered from Holodomor (death by starvation) organized by Stalin. During the World War II, it was occupied by Nazis after severe fighting in the fall of 1941. Since 1945-1990 it continued being a part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. It is now fighting again for its independence within democratic Ukraine.

Nizhyn university


Higher Education Establishments:

Nizhyn State University named after Mykola V. Gogol (founded in 1805);

Nizhyn Agrarian-technological Institute of the National Agrarian University (Kyiv);

Nizhyn Medical College (Nursing/paramedic training program, Degree: Junior Bachelor);

Nizhyn College of Culture and Arts named after Mariya Zankovetska;

Vocational Schools:

Nizhyn Lyceum of Consumer Services;

Nizhyn Agrarian Lyceum;

Grade Schools (0-11 grades):

14 Full Grade Schools;

3 Incomplete Grade Schools;

2 Gymnasiums;

14 Pre-schools;

There is a variety of extra curriculum facilities for school students, including City House of Children and Youth, Nizhyn Station of Young Engineers, Soccer Sport School, etc.

Medical college (former women’s gymnasium)

ECONOMY: Industry, transportation, trade and service sectors.

Industrial manufacturing:

Research-manufacturing complex “Progress”, enterprise of the Defense-Industrial Complex of Ukraine, specializing in development and manufacturing of complex optical, optical-electronic, optical mechanical devices and hydroscopic equipment, medical technology, thermal pumps, thermal exchange devices, etc.

Private Enterprise “Techno-T”, specializing on recycling waste of distillery, brewery, sugar, fish, cattle, and fuel industries;

“Mechanical Plant”: manufacturing of equipment for agricultural-industrial complex;

“Nizyhsilmash” plant: equipment for poultry, moto-, cyclo-, autoparts, gas- and waterpipes;

Vocational-industrial enterprise “UTOS”: metal canning jar tops, electric switches, electric outlets, nails, extension cords.

Engineering Center “Impulse”: development and manufacturing of electronic devices and systems, including metal detectors (stationary and portable), automation devices for agriculture, security systems.

Food Industry

Nizhyn canning facility: leading enterprise in production of canned vegetables;

“Nizhyn Bread”: production of baked goods and breads, pasta products;

“Nizhyn Brewery”: [not clear whether it is still in operation]

“Nizhyn Oil Producing Enterprise”: production of industrial oils, lacquers, varnishes, paints, etc.;

Nizhyn Meat Processing Facility.

Medical Industry

“Nizhyn Laboratories of Scanning Devices”, LLC: medical laser devices, optical and electronic educational devices, technical rubber goods;

Research-Industrial Enterprise “Metekol”, LLC: design and manufacturing of various medical equipment, including X-ray machines and defibrillators

Light Industry:

“DC Nizhynka”: design and manufacturing of uniforms and special industry clothing

Chemical Industry

– “Nifar”: manufacturing and supply of paints and varnishes, detergents, plant protection products.

Wood Processing Industry

Furniture Factory;


Construction Industry

«Building materials plant»


“Aspect”, LLC

Other small and medium size businesses

City businesses have been trading with 11 foreign countries.

Used to be famous for its Fairs lasting 2-3 weeks. At present, one of them is being restored.

One of the polyclinics (outpatient clinics)


Nizhyn City Hospital;

2 Dental Clinics;

Urgent Care Station;

Interdistrict Narcological Dispensary;

Dermatology and STD diseases clinic:

Maternity Ward;

Anti-TB Facility;

Sanitation-Epidemiological Station;

Adults Policlinics;

Children’s Policlinics;

Sanatorium “Prolisok”;

Over 10 various pharmacies, 1 veterinary pharmacy.


8 newspapers and paper publications;

2 tv and radio companies.


Kotsiubynsky Drama Theater;

City House of Culture;

Choreography School;

Music School;

Nizhyn Railway Club of Culture.


Nizhyn Natural History Museum named after Ivan Spaskyi;

Nizhyn Post Station Museum;

Nizhyn State University museums:

         Gogol Museum,

         Rare books museum,

         Fine Arts Gallery,

         University History Museum.


Dozens of architectural monuments make the city of Nizhyn an open-air museum. Some call it one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine.

Among the city monuments – the Nizhyn Pickle monument.


Nature Park Reserve: “Chyrvyne”;

Monument of park and garden art: The Count’s Park;

Natural Reserve Hollow “Vetkhe”.

Nizhyn university
Nizhyn university
Train station
St. Nicholas the miracle-worker church
St. Vasyl the Great church
Annunciation church
All Saints church
One of the banks
19th century building
Museum of rare books
A typical building in the Greek district
Mykola Gogol monument
The ghosts house
Local lore museum
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Electric power station
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Monument to the Nizhyn pickle