We are a charitable (501c(3)) organization created by the residents of State College, PA to provide humanitarian relief to people of Ukraine, and in particular, to our prospective sister-city of Nizhyn (pronounced [NEE-zhin]). We are all-volunteer organization with all collected donations going to the people of Ukraine.

There are many humanitarian relief organizations helping Ukraine right now. But with Sister’s Sister, you’ll know exactly where your money went and who it helped. Please see our impact here.

Below are the links to the Nizhyn news in Ukraine about our assistance:

FRIENDS ARE FOUND IN WARTIME: https://nizhynrada.gov.ua/news/novini/druzi-piznayutsya-u-viyni

WE THANK OUR FRIENDS FROM THE CITY OF STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA: https://nizhynrada.gov.ua/news/novini/dyakuyemo-za-dopomogu-nashim-druzyam-iz-mista-steyt-koledzh-shtat-pensilvaniya-ssha

Sister’s Sister was instrumental in signing the sister-city agreement with the city of Nizhyn in Ukraine, on May 3, 2023. Please see more here.


Sister’s Sister aims to provide humanitarian relief to people of Ukraine, and in particular – the citizens of our prospective sister city of NIZHYN. Our goal is to collect funds and support the Ukrainian civilians survive this brutal and ruthless war. 

Our prospective sister city of Nizhyn was heavily and repeatedly bombed at the beginning of the full fledged war of Russia against Ukraine in February-March of 2022. The city’s civilian infrastructure was severely damaged, including schools, medical centers, and residential buildings. For the entire list of damages and the estimated cost of reconstruction or repair, please see War Damaged Nizhyn.

One of the damages was especially ruthless: hot and cold water supply system. The boiler, the water pump, and dozens of kilometers of water supply pipes were damaged. That meant that many of the city residents had no access to hot water supply, and heating on the break of the winter.

We, the State College, PA, residents, collected $13,000 to help Nizhyn restore their water boiler and help the Nizhyn residents survive the cold winter of 2022-2023.

We have purchased 15 dry-air sterilizers from the local Ukrainian manufacturer and delivered then to the maternity ward of the Nizhyn city hospital (total value of $5,500)

The city of Nizhyn has many more urgent needs. We are now collecting funds to help their maternity ward to procure a dryer for the ward’s laundry and, possibly, a centrifuge. We are asking everyone, who is able to help, please do. Every bit helps. THANK YOU!

If you’d like to learn more about the city of Nizhyn, you can find it here.