DECEMBER 24-25, 2023

On December 25, 2023 the Ukrainian people celebrated Christmas together with the American people and the Western countries since the the change of the calendar from Julian to Gregorian calendar

The video is in Ukrainian: The administration and the students of the Children’s care facility sincerely thank STATE COLLEGE and the town’s residents for the gifts of sweets, books and office supply. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!!!

DECEMBER 21, 2023

Fresh fruit, apples and mandarins, markers, pencils and diapers arrived in the first shipment

Thanks to your generous support Sister’s Sister purchased and donated four wheel chairs and two adjustable stretchers to the General hospital of Nizhyn. The staff and the representative of the mayor’s office Iryna Hrozenko sent us the pictures of receiving the medical equipment. We are very grateful to everyone who help us make this happen!

Hospital personnel expresses their gratitude to the people of State College and the Sister’s Sister for provided assistance in medical equipment

Sister’s Sister purchased and donated the ceiling mounted lifter with the sling to the Nizhyn boarding school for disabled children. The superintendent Olena Harmash sent us a very nice Letter of Gratitude (please see below). The pictures show how the lifter was delivered and installed in one of the wards.

Letter of Gratitude from the Nizhyn Children’s Residential Facility in Ukrainian (please see the English translation)

Video provided by Nizhyn Residential Facility for Disabled Children.

The lifter in use


The Nizhyn Children’s Residential Facility is home to children who we call people with special needs. Indeed, they need special care, special treatment, and they crave respect, attention, and love. Allow me to thank you on behalf of the administration and our resident-children for the kind heart that lives in you, because you give a part of your soul to those who need it. After all, positive children’s emotions and smiles are the highest reward for your efforts.

Thank you for providing charitable assistance to children with disabilities in the palliative care unit in the form of a ward ceiling lift GH1.

It is by joining our efforts that we can bring joy and hope to those who need it.


            Olena Harmash, Director

August 2023

Delivering the lifter.
Installing the ceiling rail
Training of the care personnel

One of the two donated wheelchairs

Sister’s Sister Humanitarian Aid Fund has purchased two wheelchairs with the reinforced frame (as shown in the picture). Both chairs were donated to the Rehabilitation Center in Nizhyn hospital. The Center’s nurse, physical therapists and the patient made an appreciation video to the Sister’s Sister (in Ukrainian). They liked the wheelchairs very much.


Sterilizers delivered to the maternity ward on April 17, 2023.

One of the new sterilizers at work.

The Nizhyn city hospital maternity ward was in dire need of dry-air sterilizers. We contacted the medical director of the maternity ward and received the details about the needed sterilizers: 40 L dry-air sterilizers (5 units) and 80 L dry-air sterilizers (10 units). We found a Ukrainian producer, “Medtechservis” located in Kyiv. This enterprise produces and services certified medical equipment.

All 15 sterilizers were made to order and delivered to the maternity ward on April 17, 2023 by Medtechservis. The dry-air sterilizers were purchased with the money generously donated by State College residents. Thank you!

Nizhyn City Maternity Ward

Medical Director Olena Lebid (left) and Deputy Mayor Iryna Hrozenko (right) with one of the installed units.

All sterilizers are now installed and are working very well, according to the medical director who is demonstrating the use of a new sterilizer in one of the maternity ward units.


Damaged and film-covered windows are being replaced with the new ones
See the difference
The new windows are in
Pipes repair and insulation goes on despite snow
Still more pipes need repair and insulation

These pictures were taken on December 16 and 19, 2022. They show how the damaged boiler station is being restored thanks to our donations. The city of Nizhyn expresses their sincere gratitude to all of us. THANK YOU!!!

New pipes with new insulation
More pipes with new insulation
New windows ready for installation
More windows need replacement at the other side of the boiler station
Windows replaced
More repairs needed

All photos are the courtesy of the mayor’s office of Nizhyn